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How to snag a top job. (Placement guide for a first year engineering student at NIT)

So you’ve slogged for 4 years for that B.Tech degree..how do you land that shiny post in a top firm that make your parents distribute laddoos in the neighbourhood?

1) A decent CGPA – if you can make it to 9, good for you! you are awesome and you’l definitely land that top job (you’l also land fully funded M.S programs abroad – and most 9 pointers I know don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to enhance their careers this way)

A CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) in the 8/10 range too isn’t bad. Confidence and Extracurricular skillls will make you a winner at those campus placements.

For those with a 7/10 CGPA – not to worry, you will get a job too. You have what it takes to get into an NIT, hence companies know you are good. But I do not guarantee job satisfaction. And it might cost you a lot of waiting and worrying before you land that job.

2) Good internships/industrial training – Snagging a summer internship is a very difficult affair. It takes a lot of hard work consisting of google-searches, phone-calls and ass-kissing to get a decent internship. Hence the fact that you have done one (or two) will add a lot of gloss to your resume.

3)Extracurricular activities/certificates – An engineer needs to be good at getting stuff done. He has to know how to apply his theoretical knowledge in the real world. College activities give one a lot of scope to explore one’s personality and answer those tough interview questions like – “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”. I cannon emphasize how important organizing and taking part in college clubs, fests, technical events can be to enhhance your job-worthiness.

4)Communication skills – work on your English. You may be awesome, but you have to be able to communicate that to the interviewer and there is nothing like a fluent, confident young gun to impress your panel.Furthermore, most companies stress on a GD or group discussion session to select top students to be interviewed for appropriate placement in a job profile.

5)Aptitude Tests – the dreaded ‘Apti’s are the first step to snagging an interview at campus placements. CAT MCQs, puzzles, brain teasers, word games etc..its good to start practicing early. Also one needs to brush up on one’s general knowledge and read the newspaper regularly. This will help you understand the job scenario, as well as help you speak in the group discussions.

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