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B.Sc vs B.tech degree






B.Tech / B.E.


years of study


3-4 years


4-5 years


study focus


Basic science (pure science).


Applied science (technical / technological).




Broad and theoretical science.


Practical and technical science.




content is general with no specific changes / option for selecting a

You need to do M.Sc / M.Tech / M.E /
for specialisation.


designed on individual field of engineering with an option to choose further
specialisation / elective, in the final year, under your chosen field.

This helps you focus on your specific area of interest.



route to higher studies


Science & Research















MBA / P.G. Diploma











M.Tech / M.E



Engineering & Research


B.Tech / B.E



M.Tech / M.E










MBA / P.G. Diploma



curriculum rigour



Students need to be good with Science and maths subjects.



Tough and demanding.

Students need to be excellent in Science, especially Maths subjects.



career prospects


LOW – since the course is general in nature, you
need to complete M.Sc to get a good start to your career.


GOOD – the choice of engineering discipline +
further specialisation under it gives an edge to choose and follow your
career goals in that segment


However, for better and higher career prospects
M.Tech /
MBA is recommended.



which to choose?


you are comfortable with basic science and are more inclined to
non-technical aspects of science, B.Sc is a good choice, and coupled with
M.Sc you can make good progress in your career.



If you are interested in the technical side of
science, designs, calculations etc., and ready to do take on a demanding and
challenging route, B.Tech is the right choice



higher studies /
combination degrees


If you are interested in research work, you may
do Masters (MSc) and then PhD.

If you are interested in management stuff, go for an MBA after B.Sc.




If core engineering stuff is your forte /
research work, you may do your Masters (M.Tech / M.E) and later PhD.

If management and business interests you, go for an MBA after B.Tech / B.E.



studying abroad


need to complete your Masters (M.Sc).



B.Tech / B.E. is sufficient.



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The last exam for most students..Question are just a bit more difficult compared to AIEEE,lot simpler than IITJEE. Speed is the key for this exam.
After the initial identity verification and submission of print – out of admit form students are ushered into the computer centre. They are then each given a blank booklet on which is written the number of the computer assigned to us. This booklet is to be used for calculation and rough work.
Students are then asked to take their places in fronth of the numbered computer screens. The students has to type in their roll no. on the screen and their picture with their roll no. below appears.
Several invigilators keep moving aroung the room. Computer screens are placed as in internet cafes, so that one student cannot look into the other’s screen.If there is any problem whatsoever the invigilators are always at hand to sort it out. Students then have to wait till the invigilator announces it’s time to start and the BITSAT test appears on the screen. The test looks exactly like the Sample test on the official website, except it has more question ofcourse 🙂
Students can complete and submit their test any time , withen the 180 minutes alloted . The number of correct and wrong answers and your score will appear immediately on the screen.
You are then free to leave…………a free bird…………holidays for you at last…… 🙂 🙂

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AIEEE counselling procedure …

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My AIEEE result was out last year on June 3rd. According to the information brocure online( I’d registered online for the exam) I was to attend counselling on 6th July. Off – campus counselling was to be held from June 23rd to 29th . WHile the on-campus one was to begin on July 4th for AIR 1- 5000, July 5th for AIR 5000- 10,000 and so on.

The off -campus counselling was kind of like a dress rehearsal to the main on-campus counselling.

On-Campus ie. counselling in the campus of the NIT of the state from where you gave your exam, involves waiting for your turn in a big hall, after requisite identity verifications , signing of documents selecting prioritywise a list of college and branch on the computer in the hall.

This procedure may vary from NIT to NIT but in NIT Nagpur or VNIT as its called it was like this. There was also a big sceen on which the most recent status of seats available was visible . By recent I mean the number of seats left after allocation of seats to students who attended counselling on the previous day. This seat status is available on the official website everyday as well, updated after 4pm when counselling for a certain day is done.

You should come prepared to stay the night in the counselling city, your seat allocation is displayed the next day on the counselling campus as well as on the official website. I had to then take a printout from the website of my allotment. Now remember, THE COLLEGE THAT YOU ARE NOW ALLOTED CANNOT BE CHANGED. If you want some other AIEEE college you’l have to wait for counselling next year .

Withen a certain date I was instructed to go to the NIT I waas alloted to fill my fees and take admission. Suppose you don’t turn up within this time to pay your fees, your admission is cancelled. Your seat is given to somone who opted for form 2 during counselling.

So, well in the off-campus counselling, comfortably from your home (you need net connection at home ofcourse) you have to register for on-campus counselling. Then you are shown the same computer screen you will see in the counselling hall when you will punch in your final choices.You can type in your priority list( if you read my posts regularly you’d have already made this list) .

The next day the computer will tell you what college and branch you will be alloted based on your priority list. You can immediately make changes to your list , the next day the computer will again tell you which college you will be alloted based on your modified priority list. REMEMBER, THIS PRIORITY LIST IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO THE LIST YOU TYPE IN DURING ON-CAMPUS COUNSELLING. You may change your list altogether or type in the same list again during on-campus.

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Procedure for AIEEE counselling.. Good College vs Favourite Stream

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With soooo many colleges..sooo many branches…and your career at stake, counselling can get quite confusing.. I know a few friends who made an ill-informed decision regarding their choice of college and are now cribbing and crying at their fate.

A good college will get you the best placement available to a student of your capabilities. Or if you’re planning on further studies, IITs , BITs and NITs are the few Indian universities that are well-known abroad , which will make it easier for you to get accepted in an esteemed institute or obtain that wonderful scholarship.

Hence I couldn’t overemphasise how necessary it is that a student is aware of which college, which stream , in which part of the India you will be interested in..especially the girls.

In my case, my parents told me at the last minute ,the day before I was to fill my AIEEE college choices, that I shouldn’t opt for NIT jaipur or calicut or kurukshetra..They were worried about my safety in the north , these places were too far away from my home in Pune. Luckily I got the branch of my choice (Biotechnology)in a good NIT (warangal)+ my parents were happy too cause I have relatives in Secunderabad,which is 2 hours from Warangal. My AIR was 10,068.

It is very necessary that you keep your options flexible…

Make a list of minimum 20 options – in order of priority .

Your columns should be 1)College

2)Stream you are interested in,in that college

3)Which part of india the college is in

Ofcourse , choosing a good college should be your priority..

But suppose you clear JEE, don’t know how to draw yet take Naval architecture ,because thats the only option available to you in IIT , while you could get EEE(assume you’re interested in this ) in NIT warangal, I’d say you’re doomed. You’l strugle with your academics all the time, you’l get the lowest CGPA( cause you’l be one of the highest ranks in IIT), you won’t be happy ..

Now if you’d taken EEE, you’d do well academically, have loads of free time for other hobbies and personality development(important too) ,you’d be happy . Like ‘The Alchemist’ emphasised – Our personal calling in that which “fills us with enthusiasm”.. You cannot achieve success in that which you donot put your heart and soul into, or by forcing yourself to do it when you don’t want to . The best part is that there is high probability that you’l get ECE(which has more market value as of now) after the sliding procedure.

Especially since this recession has increased the importance of a student knowing his/her subject matter well .Until last year student from all possible branches got sucked into the IT industry for obscenely inflated salaries. But not anymore cause the IT industry is down, its stagnating..Biotechnology is the future 🙂

But as I said earlier a good college is of utmost importance too. The best companies (ie the ones that are still recruiting) the best jobs will come only to the best colleges.

K.. I guess you’re a lil confused, think over it, what are these 2 months holidays for anyway?

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