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Its terrible that most people here in Pune don’t have any idea about the IITs and NITs . Its particularly insulting to my effort I’ve put in to get to NITW when people say “What? Your studying in Warangal(after I’v explained where warangal is that is)? Did you not get admission in Pune(as though I’m some failure studying on a management quota..I’ve qualified AIEEE for heaven’s sake),beta?” . Bharti Vidyapeeth,Pune came a distant 30-somthing according to last year’s engineering college rankings.

In Andhra Pradesh JEE coaching is big business.Its a perfect example of commercialization of education. All kinds of classes have mushroomed all over the state(I’v seen only Andhra, perhaps its like this other places too perhaps not) and leading the brigade are all those Narayanas and Chaitanyas. I apologise to those might have studied in these institutions but frankly I don’t approve of them , or the way students are kept locked up in their hostels ,with terrible food ,even worse living conditions..from what I’v heard from Narayana/Chaitanya ex-students or read in the newspapers. The 45K I paid for my coaching too I realize is dirt cheap, even by Pune coaching standards ..lol..the big fat recession proof education business.

Everywhere its the same actually..so I guess its up to the student to take the best out of his or her class..

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