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What 2 do after 10th….

There was certain information I was looking for on the net, that I did not, that was first-hand info,for somone as blank as I was,about college. Hence I’l thought I’d share my story about my ’13th standard’ (thats what it was for me till a few years back 🙂 and everything leading up to it..
I remember ..this same time ,3 summers back, I was fresh out of St.Mary’s school with a 94.2% in the boards. I was full of confidence ,looking down upon all the lower folk who couldn’t do as well as me .
Ofcourse in today’s Competitive world perhaps even 99.99% is not enough for coaxing ,nagging parents,nevertheless I felt I’d achieved somthing.So now what? I was impatient for college. The Bollywood movies had painted a preety rosy picture of ‘Hanging out’, ‘bunking’ ,a wonderful perfect life complete with my knight in shining armour ..No more slogging away all night over bald revolutionaries (I meant the history textbook ;)..no more studies..I know you gals and guys must be laughing your gut out at my naiveness.For what followed…
Some one of my friends had started going to some sort of wierd classes that charged 45k for two years coaching..sheesh..which idiot would pay so much! Why I’d never really needed any most of my life. Now what was that ‘it-chy’ ? Sorry ..’it-gee’? Ohhh! Ok IIT -JEE ! Supposedly some elusive ,inaccessible accomplishment meant only for an elite few superhumanly intelligent students.
Bahhhh ! A piece of cake …I’ve got 94.2 havn’t I ?!
I decided to attend the orientation just to show the lowly being how its done ..But what I was in for that day ,I’d have never imagined..it was almost like an awakening.
With every word THE God of all things Brainy- Mr.Lalit Kumar pronounced I felt like sinking further more into the ground!It was a different experience..nothing like the bookish ‘mugging’ work I was used to. I felt stupid. The others students fared much better. I realized I’d been a frog in a pond all along..

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