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VIT counselling procedure

VIT counselling procedure

The Vellore Institute of Technology – Beautiful campus, well-equiped classrooms and laboratories, large cafeterias, shopping areas, glossy brochures – very rude,unhelpful people- the place stunk of lavishness, including the students. We paid Rs30,000 just to attend the counselling. That was more than the entire admission fees and semester fees I paid at NITW ( Rs 27,000 app.). And this amount was forfeited, unlike in the IITs where counselling fees are returned if a student does not take admission in the IIT.

There were several hotels some distance from the campus,several eateries on and around the campus.

The counselling procedure consists of dozens of steps and procedures that included a medical check-up where we were made to do everything from getting ourselves weighed, height, vision checked, gulping down de-worming tablets, getting a picture clicked to allowing the nurses to inject needles into our arm to draw blood samples and peeing on strips of paper for god-only-knows-what purpose! A bus outside the medical centre gave prospective students and parents a tour of the campus of the classrooms,libraries etc.

It invoved a lot of moving around , the usual verification,visiting the photocopier shops, until finally we were allowed into the computer room, to select our choice of branch.Thankfully they had provided us with a flier listing the various steps. We had to follow the line according to roll no order as we were led around.And just when we seemed to be at the end of our ordeal they declared the lunch break from about 1-2.30 or 2-2.30 ,I can’t remember.

There were about 5000 seats available I think but only about 60% of these got filled up at the end of the 1st round of counselling ,till VITEEE AIR of 6000. Hence invariably the next set of students, of AIR more than 6000 are given calls to come for counsellling.Courses like Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering seats though, get alloted to students almost immediately, on the first day of counselling itself.After these the computer sciences, electrical, chemical branche allotments drag on for days.I found out from some friend that even up to AIR 26,000 had got a seat in VIT.

The procedure after lunch was pretty straightforward and finally we could go back to our hotel.

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AIEEE counselling procedure …

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My AIEEE result was out last year on June 3rd. According to the information brocure online( I’d registered online for the exam) I was to attend counselling on 6th July. Off – campus counselling was to be held from June 23rd to 29th . WHile the on-campus one was to begin on July 4th for AIR 1- 5000, July 5th for AIR 5000- 10,000 and so on.

The off -campus counselling was kind of like a dress rehearsal to the main on-campus counselling.

On-Campus ie. counselling in the campus of the NIT of the state from where you gave your exam, involves waiting for your turn in a big hall, after requisite identity verifications , signing of documents selecting prioritywise a list of college and branch on the computer in the hall.

This procedure may vary from NIT to NIT but in NIT Nagpur or VNIT as its called it was like this. There was also a big sceen on which the most recent status of seats available was visible . By recent I mean the number of seats left after allocation of seats to students who attended counselling on the previous day. This seat status is available on the official website everyday as well, updated after 4pm when counselling for a certain day is done.

You should come prepared to stay the night in the counselling city, your seat allocation is displayed the next day on the counselling campus as well as on the official website. I had to then take a printout from the website of my allotment. Now remember, THE COLLEGE THAT YOU ARE NOW ALLOTED CANNOT BE CHANGED. If you want some other AIEEE college you’l have to wait for counselling next year .

Withen a certain date I was instructed to go to the NIT I waas alloted to fill my fees and take admission. Suppose you don’t turn up within this time to pay your fees, your admission is cancelled. Your seat is given to somone who opted for form 2 during counselling.

So, well in the off-campus counselling, comfortably from your home (you need net connection at home ofcourse) you have to register for on-campus counselling. Then you are shown the same computer screen you will see in the counselling hall when you will punch in your final choices.You can type in your priority list( if you read my posts regularly you’d have already made this list) .

The next day the computer will tell you what college and branch you will be alloted based on your priority list. You can immediately make changes to your list , the next day the computer will again tell you which college you will be alloted based on your modified priority list. REMEMBER, THIS PRIORITY LIST IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO THE LIST YOU TYPE IN DURING ON-CAMPUS COUNSELLING. You may change your list altogether or type in the same list again during on-campus.

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